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SV Casa Collections:

New Introductions
Bathroom Collections
Argo Bronze
Blue Weave
Cortina Clear
Greco Grey
Mandarin White
Papyrus Blue
Petra Nightfall
Shagreen Beige Grey
Shagreen Midnight Black
Shagreen Turquoise
Stone Greco
Picture Frames and Accessories
Madagascar Double
Urban Black
St. Petersburg
Safari Orange
Valentina Blue
Safari Black
Valentina Parchment
New York

About SV Casa
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About SV Casa

The chances are you have already held one of our products in your hand without knowing it. From the rooms of the Four Seasons in Florence, to the marble lobbies of the St Regis in Macau, to the spa at the Park Hyatt New York, SV International Design has furnished more than 150 of the world's most luxurious resorts and hotels with our own brand of bespoke home accessories and furniture.

Launched in 2014, SV Casa was born following increasing demand from hotel guests looking to bring our exquisite handcrafted objects into their home. Having created bespoke works of exquisite craftsmanship for the most discerning clients in the world, we naturally hold SV Casa to the same exacting standards. Each object is a love story, masterfully rendered in organic combinations of stone, shell, metal and wood, brought to life in the hands of artisans of unparalleled skill. Shell inlays of astonishing detail find balance in the clean lines of classic architectural clarity. SV Casa. A love story bound in luxury.

We Proudly
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