Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. All prices are suggested retail. Standard dealer discount is 50% from retail.
  2. A completed and signed credit application must be submitted with an opening order. A credit card is acceptable with initial orders. If a new customer request is presented to us, and we cannot verify positive credit references, we will only accept orders billed to a credit card. We do not ship COD.
  3. Terms of Payment: Net 30 days from date of invoice. No cash discounts, no anticipation. 1.5% interest will be charged on all invoices due over 45 days. No shipments will be made to accounts past due. Should collection fees be incurred by DeVine Corporation in pursuit of delinquent accounts, the dealer must reimburse DeVine Corporation for such fees before shipments can resume.
  4. All prices are F.O.B. DeVine Corporation’s New Jersey distribution center. No freight allowances. Claims: All claims for breakage, damage, shortage, or loss in transit, must be placed by the account with DeVine Corporation within 15 days of receipt. Dealer must keep all original packaging until an inspection has been made or waived. Failure to do so will void any claim. DeVine Corporation will file a claim payable to DeVine Corporation and replace the damaged items at no charge. All claims must be filed immediately upon receipt of shipment. All claims not filed within 15 days will be denied.
  5. Special orders cannot be canceled or refunded, and in some instances prepaid. You must fill out a special order form accepting these terms upon request.
  6. Drop Ship Charge: Please consult with Customer Service or Your Sales Rep – All orders specifying a different shipping address than the authorized dealer’s location will be billed this charge.
  7. DeVine Corporation reserves the right to authorize each dealer’s location. Each dealer location is authorized separately. Authorization of one location does not authorize dealer to sell merchandise from any other location.
  8. DeVine Corporation considers web site addresses different locations and therefore each web site must have a separate authorization. If a dealer sells our merchandise from an unauthorized location, we reserve the right to stop shipping all locations.
  9. DeVine Corporation reserves the right to reject any customer, any location, and any order at any time for any reason whatsoever in its’ sole discretion.
  10. The dealer accepts these terms with placement of any orders with DeVine Corporation.