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Meissen Collections:
New Introductions
Blue Onion
Blue Orchid Mesh White
Dressed in White
Ming Dragon
Black with Platinum
Noble Blue
Orential Painting
Royal Blossom
Royal Palace Cosmopolitan
Waves Relief White

About Meissen
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About Meissen

Since it was established in 1710, the Meissen porcelain manufactory has been known for unique craftsmanship and artistry as well as for its exclusive aesthetics. MEISSEN® is one of the oldest and internationally best-known German brands, easily recognised by the crossed blue swords, hand-painted to this day. The manufactory’s history spanning more than 300 years, with its rich resources of forms and colours, is a source of inspiration for innovations made of and in porcelain. The secret behind the incomparable appeal of Meissen porcelain® is the special mixture of local raw materials, especially the 65% kaolin from the manufactory’s own mine near Meißen. Furthermore, the manufactory has more than 700,000 models and dies, the oldest collection of its kind. Drawing on the more than 10,000 possible colour formulas from MEISSEN’s own laboratory and a traditional craftsmanship that survives to this day, the manufactory near Dresden in the Triebisch valley produces hand-made artworks out of Meissen porcelain that represent high value, exclusivity, and first-class quality, such as art objects, jewellery objects or beautiful tableware.

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