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About J.L. Coquet
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J.L. Coquet china, also known as Jean Louis Coquet, is tableware crafted just a few miles from the city of Limoges. To learn more about the history of Jean Louis Coquet, please click here.

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About J.L. Coquet / Jean Louis Coquet

Something special for demanding clients

Since 1963, JL Coquet has been well-known for manufacturing an exclusive chinaware : quality of a bright and extremely pure porcelain ; variety of creative and original shapes.

Many ready-made patterns and colours are available while customized products can also be developped. Thanks to all this, the company can enjoy a top international clientele of chefs, restaurants and hotels.


JL Coquet was founded in 1963 and has inherited a rich tradition. The manufacture was settled in 1824 in Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, on the banks of the river Vienne and just a few miles from the city of Limoges. Many generations of great French porcelain manufacturers, such as the famous Pouyat dynasty, have been living in this lush and green valley. From the beginning, the company has known a great renown and has been rewarded for its shapes creations and the extreme whiteness of its porcelain.

Since 1963, this ancestral know-how has been in use with still semi-industrial tools. However, even for modern creations, tradition is linked to technical research. Museums, such as the "Arts Décoratifs de Paris" or the "Centre National Georges Pompidou", exhibit JL Coquet's creations which are considered as exemplary for contemporary aesthetics. In September 2004, the company was taken over by Christian LE PAGE, already owner of Jaune de chrome. JL Coquet sells 75% of its production abroad, thus being one of the major exporters of Limoges.


Les Ets JL Coquet, fondés en 1963, sont héritiers d'une riche tradition. La manufacture fut créée en 1824 á Saint-Léonard-de-Noblat, au bord de la Vienne et á quelques minutes de Limoges. Ce cadre d'eau vive et de verdure a abrité plusieurs générations de grands porcelainiers, dont les célèbres frères Pouyat. Dès l'origine, elle se fit connaître et récompenser pour la créativité de ses formes et la blancheur extrême de sa porcelaine.

Depuis 1963, ces savoir-faire ancestraux ont été conservés, avec un outil qui reste semi-industriel. Mais la tradition s'allie á la recherche technique au service de créations modernes. Les musées, dont celui des Arts Décoratifs de Paris ou le Centre National Georges Pompidou, exposent des créations JL Coquet, considérées comme exemplaires de l'esthétique contemporaine. En septembre 2004, la société a été rachetée par Christian LE PAGE, déjá propriétaire de la société Jaune de chrome. Elle est aujourd'hui un des exportateurs majeurs de Limoges, avec 75% de son chiffre d'affaires réalisé à l'international.

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