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Authorized Dealer Program
Authorized seals:
Anna Weatherley Authorized Dealer Ercuis Authorized Dealer Jaune de chrome Authorized Dealer J.L. Coquet Authorized Dealer Raynaud Authorized Dealer Varga Authorized Dealer
The seals are the intellectual property of DeVine Corporation and may not be shown or used on any website or in any way without direct permission from DeVine.
© 2009 DeVine Corp.
Authorized Dealer Program Beware of these Unauthorized Pirate Stores:

- China Royale - CR Galleries
- Fine Brand Sales
- KL Wholesale in Farmingdale, NY
- Linen n Things (
- Park Avenue Gifts
- Upscale Gallery
- Wealthytables

We have previously discovered the above stores selling unauthorized items. Do NOT buy DeVine goods from these companies, or proceed at your own risk.

Wish to report a pirate seller of DeVine's items? Please write us using our contact form

Why buy from Authorized Dealers?
  1. Quality.Avoid the threat of purchasing counterfeit goods.
  2. Timely service.Ordering from non-Authorized dealers has been reported to result in long delays for goods, sometimes up to a year for an item, as the unofficial retailer purchases the item from overseas, and waits for it to arrive by ship.
  3. Guarantee.Insure your satisfaction and investment is guaranteed by DeVine Corp.

The authorized dealer program helps customers find authorized retailers that sell Devine Corporation's brands. DeVine Corporation is the only authorized distributor in the USA for these brands.

How Does the Program Work?
DeVine retailers that sell any of DeVine's brands are able to display the logos below on their website and/or at their store location if the retailers meets our high-quality guidelines. The seals look like the following:

How do I find an Authorized Dealer?
Please use our Find a Store tool - click here

Find an Authorized Retail Store Search by your state or country:

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Retailers Are you an official DeVine retailer and wish to apply to display the authorized dealer logos? Please e-mail this request to:

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