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Outlet Store:
Anna Weatherley
Chef & Sommelier
J.L. Coquet
Jaune de Chrome
Kim Seybert
Mario Luca Giusti
Medard de Noblat
Pinto Paris
Royal Crown Derby
S V Casa
Special Finds

About Outlet items
Return Policy for Outlet Store

About Outlet Store

This section is devoted to selling factory seconds at dramatic discounts. Factory seconds have slight surface scratches on the glaze or gold/platinum banding. These imperfections would be the same after light use and are perfectly acceptable for home use. They are not chipped or cracked; we do not sell damaged merchandise.

ALL PURCHASES MADE FROM OUR OUTLET STORE PAGE ARE FINAL SALE. NO EXCEPTIONS. We will of course always replace merchandise that was chipped, broken, or damaged during delivery.

For further assistance, please contact us.

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