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Royal Crown Derby Botanical Tulips Press Release

2014 Royal Crown Derby Price List

Dear Retailers,

Enclosed is the new retail price list for Royal Crown Derby which is effective May 1, 2014. All new introductions have been added to the price list. Back orders and orders placed prior to May 1st will be honored at old pricing.

If you should have any questions, please contact our Customer Service department.

The transition of the RCD business to DeVine Corporation has gone quite smoothly, and we are working to get our inventories to serviceable levels on all key products. We thank you for your patience during the last three months as we worked to incorporate this business into our family of fine luxury tableware products.

Please click on the "Download" button below to view the price list.

Sincerely, Tim C. DeVine

Royal Crown Derby Orange Bristol Belle Announcement

Dear Royal Crown Derby Customers,

Bristol Belle in Orange is on hold at present which means the factory is unable to dispatch orders for this pattern at this time. Once we have further information regarding the status of this pattern we will advise.


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