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Ercuis & Raynaud "French May" Festival

Ercuis and Raynaud exhibit at the "French May" Festival in Hong Kong from May 4th to June 9th

From May 4th to June 9th, the "Splendour of the French Table" exhibition is showcasing our rich heritage during the French May Festival taking place in Hong Kong. Located in the Elements Shopping Mall, the exhibition traces the evolution of tableware in France since the 18th century.

Raynaud has selected pieces from amongst its heritage treasures that reflect the House's unique expertise and are both timeless and representative of the family history.

The Palais Royal collection, which is entirely hand-painted, was created by Porcelaines Raynaud's founder, Martial Raynaud. He gave the service to Sacha Guitry on the release of his film Remontons les Champs Elysées in 1938. They are juxtaposed with pieces from the Nin Sou collection, inspired by an early Compagnie des Indes design symbolising André Raynaud's taste for Chinese antiques and antique porcelain. Lastly, the more contemporary lines of the Trésor collection illustrate Bertrand Raynaud's use of the worlds of decoration and fashion as a new source of inspiration.

A new shop inaugurated in Istanbul

From left to right: Nuran Karabacak, Sirin Yalcin and Rosella Karabacak, the Sirmaison team

On May 14th Ercuis & Raynaud were present at the opening of Sirmaison in the Nisantasi area of Istanbul. This new shop has given us the opportunity to join forces with two leading brands in the crystalware sector, Lalique and Les Crisalleries de Montbronn.

The inauguration received prominent coverage in the Turkish ppress, for example in the magazine "Samdan Plus" in an article attached to this newsletter.

Store's Interior

The Sirmaison Team at the store's inauguration. Hello ! 22-23 May 2013

Nathalie Banessy, and Sylvie Adon at the inauguration evening. Samdan Plus, May 22-23 2013

Ercuis joins the table at the La Grotta restaurant in Konjiam Resort, South Korea

Konjiam Resort, which opened in 2008, is one of South Korea's most luxurious hotel complexes. The Korean resort has chosen the "Alto" model by Ercuis for the 70 place settings of its Italian restaurant, "La Grotta". This resolutely contemporary tableware reflects the restaurant's streamlined decor.

Ercuis and Raynaud at the Waldorf Astoria Berlin

Inaugurated in January 2013, the Waldorf Astoria Berlin called upon Ercuis and Raynaud to equip its gourmet restaurant, "Les Solistes". Managed by Chef Pierre Gagnaire (who holds 12 stars in the Michelin Guide), the restaurant has chosen "Equilibre" flatware in silver-plated steel as well as several silver-plated accessories by Ercuis.

Raynaud was commissioned to design espresso cups with a bespoke pattern incorporating the restaurant's logo.

The pure clean lines of these designs are a perfect match for this prestigious setting whose inventive and modern cuisine reflects the spirit of the German capital...

Raynaud at the Maud Fontenoy Foundation Gala

From left to right: Delphine Batho, Minister of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy; Yachtswoman Maud Fontenoy; Actress Marion Cotillard, the Foundation's patron.

On April 9th, Raynaud kept a date at the Maud Fontenoy Foundation's 5th annual Gala at the Hotel de la Marine.

Created in 2008, the Foundation works tirelessly to protect the coast and marine biodiversity. As a partner to the event, Raynaud joined forces with Chef Anne-Sophie Pic to enable the personalities attending the Gala to enjoy the Michelin-starred chef's dishes in plates from the "Lunes" collection.

The Hotel de la Marine

Ercuis and Raynaud under the spotlight at the Prince de Galles Hotel, Paris

This outstanding Parisian hotel, a flagship of the Starwood Group's Luxury Collection, re-opened on May 16th after two years of renovation work.

Chef Stephanie Le Quellec, at the head of the hotel's new restaurant, "La Scene", has called on Ercuis and Raynaud. She chose the "Equilibre" model in silver-plated steel and a selection of tableware, with plates from Raynaud's "Hommage" and "Uni" collections.

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