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Anna Weatherley Collections:

New Introductions
Accent Plates
Afternoon Tea Party
Anna's Chargers
Anna's Golden Patina
Anna's Palette
Aqua Green
Dusty Rose
Indigo Blue
Meadow Green
Purple Orchid
Sky Blue
Sunburst Yellow
Anna's Palette Chargers
Antique White with Brushed Platinum
Antique White with Gold
Bouquet of Flowers
Butterfly Collection
Butterfly Meadow
Mint Green
Powder Blue
Elegant Foliage
Exotic Butterflies
Flights of Fancy
Floral Fantasy
Flowers of Yesterday
Forest Mushrooms
Green Leaf
Ivy Garland
Morning Glory
Old Master Tulips
Pannonian Garden
Romantic Pastels
Seascape - Waterlily
Peony Pink
Simply Anna
Antique Polka
Polka Gold
Simply Elegant
Spring in Budapest
Studio Collection
Summer Garden
Summer Morning
Treasure Garden
White Tulips
Woodland Collection

About Anna Weatherley
Product Care for Anna Weatherley
Glossary of terms about Anna Weatherley

Anna Weatherley china offers handpainted designs for tableware, dinnerware, and home goods from Hungary. To learn more about the history of Anna Weatherley, please click here.


Giftware   37 Product(s)
Blue Butterfly Napkin Ring H39 Blue Butterfly Napkin Ring $105.00 0
Green Butterfly Napkin Ring H40 Green Butterfly Napkin Ring $105.00 0
Small Square Dish Green Bug M39 Small Square Dish Green Bug $109.00 2
Small Dish with Handles Purple M25 Small Dish with Handles Purple $146.00 -1
Lemon Wedge Dish AW93 Lemon Wedge Dish $157.00 0
Small Oval Ruffled Trinket Box M33 Small Oval Ruffled Trinket Box $190.00 0
q_titles.scndctgry_Name PA20 Round Bowl $256.00 -1
Flat Salad/Dessert Plate Y7 Flat Salad/Dessert Plate $275.00 0
Waterlily Bud Vase M253 Waterlily Bud Vase $278.00 1
Accessory Dish With Grapes AW32 Accessory Dish With Grapes $398.00 -2
Treasure Garden Tall Square Vase VA25 Treasure Garden Tall Square Vase $408.00 1
Exotic Butterflies Serving Bowl VL15 Exotic Butterflies Serving Bowl $415.00 0
Oval Box with Dragonfly H5 Oval Box with Dragonfly $420.00 0
Blue Tulip Small Vase VA26 Blue Tulip Small Vase $425.00 -2
Leaf Cachepot AD39 Leaf Cachepot $425.00 0
Pansy Cachepot AD40 Pansy Cachepot $425.00 -11
Tulip Cachepot AD41 Tulip Cachepot $425.00 -3
White Tulip Oval Vase M393 White Tulip Oval Vase $425.00 1
Ornate Tray with Handles BH111 Ornate Tray with Handles $445.00 0
Butterfly Triangular Vase M398 Butterfly Triangular Vase $450.00 0
Butterfly Vase M391 Butterfly Vase $450.00 2
Pink Tulip Triangular Vase M394 Pink Tulip Triangular Vase $450.00 -1
White Tulip Vase M392 White Tulip Vase $450.00 0
Cachepot PA21 Cachepot $465.00 -1
Sandwich Tray w/ Large Yellow Flower N1 Sandwich Tray w/ Large Yellow Flower $498.00 1
Double Tulips Vase VA27 Double Tulips Vase $518.00 -1
Sparrow Vase VA30 Sparrow Vase $518.00 -2
Three Piece Strawberry Dish ST100 Three Piece Strawberry Dish $525.00 1
Butterfly Cachepot 447NS Butterfly Cachepot $538.00 0
Pink Tulip Vase M388 Pink Tulip Vase $560.00 1
Pink Iris Vase VA22 Pink Iris Vase $575.00 -1
Floral Butterfly Cachepot 447 Floral Butterfly Cachepot $595.00 -5
Hummingbird Square Cachepot 2004B Hummingbird Square Cachepot $595.00 -3
Hummingbird Cachepot 2004BNS Hummingbird Cachepot $610.00 1
Summer Garden Leaf Tray M223 Summer Garden Leaf Tray $700.00 -2
Butterfly Tea Set AW109 Butterfly Tea Set $725.00 0
Oval Dish with Butterflies BH110 Oval Dish with Butterflies $828.00 7

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