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Anna Weatherley Collections:

New Introductions
Afternoon Tea Party
Anna's Chargers
Anna's Golden Patina
Anna's Palette
Aqua Green
Dusty Rose
Indigo Blue
Meadow Green
Purple Orchid
Sky Blue
Sunburst Yellow
Anna's Palette Chargers
Forest Leaf
Antique White with Brushed Platinum
Antique White with Gold
Botanical Study
Bouquet of Flowers
Butterfly Collection
Mint Green
Powder Blue
Country Side
Elegant Foliage
Exotic Butterflies
Flights of Fancy
Floral Fantasy
Flowers of Yesterday
Forest Mushrooms
Garden Party
Green Leaf
Greeting Cards
Ivy Garland
Morning Glory
Old Master Tulips
Pannonian Garden
Pink Tulips
Romantic Pastels
Seascape - Waterlily
Simply Anna
Antique Polka
Polka Gold
Simply Elegant
Spring in Budapest
Studio Collection
Summer Garden
Summer Morning
Treasure Garden
White Tulips
Woodland Collection

About Anna Weatherley
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Glossary of terms about Anna Weatherley

Anna Weatherley china offers handpainted designs for tableware, dinnerware, and home goods from Hungary. To learn more about the history of Anna Weatherley, please click here.


Spring in Budapest   42 Product(s)
Dinner Plate BL1 Spring in Budapest Dinner Plate $330.00 0
Salad Plate BL3 Spring in Budapest Salad Plate $270.00 -5
Bread & Butter Plate BL4 Spring in Budapest Bread & Butter Plate $253.00 5
Cup & Saucer BL5 Spring in Budapest Cup & Saucer $312.00 -4
Tray with Handles 31 Spring in Budapest Tray with Handles $410.00 0
Pierced Plate 629 Spring in Budapest Pierced Plate $343.00 0
Covered Serving Bowl 746 Spring in Budapest Covered Serving Bowl $569.00 0
Ruffled Cup and Saucer 749 Spring in Budapest Ruffled Cup and Saucer $376.00 2
Sauce Boat 832 Spring in Budapest Sauce Boat $336.00 -1
Condiment Dish & Spoon 833 Spring in Budapest Condiment Dish & Spoon $340.00 0
Footed Compote 887 Spring in Budapest Footed Compote $427.00 0
Round Soup Tureen 903 Spring in Budapest Round Soup Tureen $919.00 0
Oval Soup Tureen 904 Spring in Budapest Oval Soup Tureen $919.00 0
Tray With Handles B24 Spring in Budapest Tray With Handles $450.00 0
Round Bowl B25 Spring in Budapest Round Bowl $450.00 0
Oval Open Vegetable Bowl BL10 Spring in Budapest Oval Open Vegetable Bowl $470.00 0
Demitasse Cup & Saucer BL11 Spring in Budapest Demitasse Cup & Saucer $310.00 0
Square Tray BL12 Spring in Budapest Square Tray $593.00 0
Oval Platter BL14 Spring in Budapest Oval Platter $517.00 0
Fruit Saucer BL15 Spring in Budapest Fruit Saucer $238.00 1
Flat Dessert Plate BL17 Spring in Budapest Flat Dessert Plate $299.00 0
Rim Soup BL2 Spring in Budapest Rim Soup $330.00 3
Star Plate BL20 Spring in Budapest Star Plate $355.00 0
Pitcher BL23 Spring in Budapest Pitcher $372.00 0
Berry Dish BL27 Spring in Budapest Berry Dish $372.00 0
Large Purple & Green Butterfly Leaf Ring Dish BL36 Spring in Budapest Large Purple & Green Butterfly Leaf Ring Dish $149.00 1
Large Purple & Yellow Butterfly Leaf Ring Dish BL38 Spring in Budapest Large Purple & Yellow Butterfly Leaf Ring Dish $149.00 1
Dragonfly & Green Bug Leaf Ring Dish BL39 Spring in Budapest Dragonfly & Green Bug Leaf Ring Dish $149.00 1
Purple & Yellow Butterfly Leaf Ring Dish BL40 Spring in Budapest Purple & Yellow Butterfly Leaf Ring Dish $149.00 1
Yellow Butterfly, Grasshopper, & Ladybug Leaf Ring Dish BL41 Spring in Budapest Yellow Butterfly, Grasshopper, & Ladybug Leaf Ring Dish $149.00 2
Rectangular Tray BL45 Spring in Budapest Rectangular Tray $429.00 1
Large Round Platter BL5759 Spring in Budapest Large Round Platter $553.00 -8
Leaf Dish BL590 Spring in Budapest Leaf Dish $399.00 0
Tea Set BL6 Spring in Budapest Tea Set $752.00 3
Spring In Budapest Creamer BL6C Spring in Budapest Spring In Budapest Creamer $195.00 2
Spring In Budapest Tea Pot BL6P Spring in Budapest Spring In Budapest Tea Pot $385.00 0
Spring In Budapest Sugar BL6S Spring in Budapest Spring In Budapest Sugar $195.00 1
Round Open Vegetable Bowl BL9 Spring in Budapest Round Open Vegetable Bowl $448.00 -8
Coquille Dish BP93 Spring in Budapest Coquille Dish $157.00 2
Sugar & Creamer O2 Spring in Budapest Sugar & Creamer $275.00 0
Sugar & Creamer O3 Spring in Budapest Sugar & Creamer $275.00 0
Mini Soup Tureen 831 Spring in Budapest Mini Soup Tureen $336.00 0

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